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Best model of the World India 2018-19 Contest winner Amit Sobti is new digital sensation

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Best model of the World India 2018-19 Contest winner Amit Sobti is new digital sensation

A great face, fabulous physique & an even greater charm, are generally the prerequisites of a great model. Well, in that case, Amit passes with full grades because he is all of this & much more. We are talking about Mr Amit Sobti the new fresh face of the modeling world and a digital sensation. Hailing from Chandigarh, he is a real 'Gabru' & that is pretty visible on his face. Amit was always inclined towards modeling right from childhood. He kept this dream intact. Amit was an outstanding student too and despite getting many jobs offers he always had an eye for modeling & finally went for it.

Nothing is impossible for the one who dreams, stands true for Amit. He became "The best model of the world" in 2018 for the pageant held on Istanbul – Turkey! Now that is something!! We can proudly say that an Indian is the best model of the world & Amit has given made it to exclaim this to the world.

He instantly has become a youth icon of our nation to represent India in world modeling. He started ramping at a very early age for various fashion shows & brands including the like of Vogue, Lucknow fashion week & many other international fashion shows. The day is not far when we see Amit even in movies. What's exciting & commendable about Amit is that exactly before two months of his winning the pageant he met with an accident & when people lose hope Amit stood straight in front of his difficult times, fought back courageously with proper diet, gyming & won the competition. It proves his constant effort & dedication for his goal.

As a model, there is always a lot of pressure to always look good & to always have a proper physique & it’s a tough job to maintain these things, but Amit never loses focus & keeps working towards the same.

Amit participated in MTV show Mr. & Miss 7 States. His stunning looks and wise decisions has made him now a digital media sensation and many a Brands are Collaborating with him. It is just the beginning of this good-looking man's career. We will see his talent in acting more in future.

Wishing Indian Pride in modeling Amit Sobti all the best for his journey in modelling and acting and we hope that we see this fantastic talent sooner on silver screen.

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