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Rao Dee: The aspiring singing sensation in Music Industry

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Rao Dee: The aspiring singing sensation in Music Industry

Rao Dee is one of the aspiring singers in Haryanvi and Punjabi music industry who has always managed to bring smile on the face of his audience via his songs. At a young age, he has collaborated with many Celebs.

Rao Dee started making songs for the industry when he was in the second year of the graduation and used YouTube as a tool to gain popularity. He received a lot of criticism and there was a point where he wanted to give up, but he didn't.

After completing his graduation, Rao along with making songs, started working in an MNC while. He was consistent and hardworking. He used to work during week days and made songs in weekends. In an interview, he even mentioned that he never gave up believing that his next song might go viral.

His family has always supported him during his struggle and appreciated his work even when he was lacking at many points. Now he is doing decently in Punjabi and Haryanvi music industry. Rao spends most of his time in practice, composing and writing new songs. He never copies anyone's songs/content and believes in creating original music compositions.

He positively takes feedback/criticism and keeps working on them to improve. He is open to ideas and trends. There was a time when he followed trends to be popular and now he makes his own trend. His fans loves him for his down to earth nature and genuine personality.

Rao Dee lives in Gurgaon but keeps on visiting Mumbai. He is active on Social Media platforms and keep posting about his daily routine. He has millions of fans on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube collectively. We can say that best reason for his growth is, Rao Dee constantly keeps improving his content and production quality. All the very best young man !!

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