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Shadow Chrome’s ‘One Time’ is worth watching several times

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Shadow Chrome’s 'One Time' is worth watching several times

Today we live in the era of the internet, where stardom or fame knows no boundaries. Just like a Bollywood celebrity, someone from a small town makes an equal amount of mark when it comes to social media and its numbers. May it be the TikTok stars or newbie artists or YouTubers, they all let us know-how world is a smaller place and social media itself is a big enough platform to showcase their innumerable talents.

Just like that this 15-year-old from Patna, Bihar named Faizan Alam, famously known as ‘Shadow Chrome’ hit YouTube with a bang by his song 'One Time'. This groovy number is written and sung by Faizan himself. Oh yes and not to forget his engaging performance in the song where he’s trying to woo this gorgeous lady, his eyes caught in a club. The song is no less than any famous album number when it comes to the production.

This young bundle of talent has a YouTube channel named by his stage name ‘Shadow Chrome’ and this song 'One Time' has already crossed 7 lakhs views. This new single of his has received a lot of love, and this young Singer has surely a long way to go !

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