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Too young ? Meet teenage Model & beauty queen Akankshya Acharya who is already breaking stereotypes

''You did not wake up today to be mediocre,'' 18 – year- old Akankshya Acharya Miss Teen India Supertalent 2019 Instagram bio is as stellar as her Diva vibe. Odisha born beauty queen Akankshya Acharya always likes to keep her goals succinct, just like her succinctly done Instagram bio. At only 18, Akankshya has already accumulated so many titles & awards, she was brought up in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), and so it holds a special place in her heart.
Recently, Akankshya Acharya bagged the coveted title of Miss Teen India Supertalent 2019. She was announced as the winner during a star-studded ceremony in Jaipur. This North-eastern beauty residing gave tough competition to everyone. Akankshya Acharya is a ridiculously focused person and outrageously good looking personality. So it's not surprising to know that she started out modeling pretty early before hitting it big! She was only 15 when she got her start in the modeling industry. Her first modeling gig was to grace the cover page of a local magazine, that's how she got started.
Adjudged winner of the prestigious Miss Teen India Supertalent 2019- Akankshya Acharya was always mesmerized by the world of glitz and glamour, but she also knew it was not an easy path from a very young age. Model & Beauty queen Akankshya Acharya decided very early in life that she wanted to do something different and worthwhile, so she taught herself about the industry via technology and also endured criticism from other people related to her 5.4 height & unconventional career choice.
‘’ Some ignorant people kept commenting about her height and also made stupid comments based on her heritage’’. But her sheer dedication paid off! The same people now say they are proud of her achievements. It makes her laugh at the kind of world we live in. Akankshya Acharya likes breaking away from the mould! She is trained by The Tiara Pageant Training Studio and is also a State Level Football & Basketball Player. Also, she is blessed with a never-ending supply of creative talents, serving interest in painting and dancing. Tiara girl Akankshya is surely a triple threat in the entertainment world, as she can act, dance, model, and also paint, Just oozing talent!
Being the only child of her loving mother who single-handedly raised her, made Akankshya more mature & diligent to set realistic goals and achieving them. Modeling helped her during those unprecedented times. She is best known for winning- Miss Teen India 2019, Runner up of Gladrags Little Miss India 2018, Runner up of Amethyst the Model Hunt 2018, Best Icon Female Orissa 2019. Raised in Ahmedabad, Akankshya Acharya is currently studying in the field of Cosmetology; in the future, she aims to open her salon brand. The Diva is also quite dedicated to fitness; she is more into gym workouts and is passionate about following her workout rituals to get motivated by habit or choice.

Indian Model and Beauty pageant titleholder Akankshya Acharya is all set to represent India Internationally, she is looking forward to it, post-pandemic. Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is her inspiration and her favorite actress is Sri Lankan beauty queen Jacqueline Fernandez. A little while back, she was featured in an international fashion and beauty magazine based in Italy, named – FADDY Magazine. Announcing yet another accomplishment to add to her bucket list.
Akankshya Acharya also has a super cute & stylish nickname of ‘’Aliya’’, she is called Aliya by most people in the industry.

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